Registration for Parents Committee hours for 2010/2011 school year

This year the registration for Parents Committee hours will be as follows:

Saturday, August 28th- 10am-2pm

Saturday, September 11th – 10am-1pm

Attached are the guidelines for completing the required volunteer hours, as well as a list of the fundraising events scheduled for the year. Please make sure that you sign up for events, door duty and yard duty equal to 30 hours. Lunch duty is also required but no hours are earned.

On the day of registration (August 28th) as well as the first day of Saturday school (September 11th) Eirra Motoviloff will be available in the old hall ( or one of the classrooms) with sign up sheets for the scheduled events.

A verification email (with a follow up letter in the mail) will be sent to you confirming your sign ups.

This year, the Parents Committee has set the dues at $30 per family payable at the time of registration.

Lunch will be offered each Saturday of school and will cost $2 per child ($60/year). This fee is also payable at registration.

For any questions, please contact Irene Motoviloff at 415-225-6784 (cell phone) 415-753-8859 (home phone) or

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